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About Sona

These days, it feels like there’s an infinite amount of stuff to get done, and nowhere near enough time to do it all. This struggle leads to ever-increasing levels of stress and anxiety. That stress takes a toll on the mind and body and it manifests itself in avariety of ways: muscle tension, headaches, and general unhappiness. That can then lead to feeling trapped and unfulfilled, which only makes the symptoms worse. It’s
a negative cycle that’s hard to break out of. That’s why Sona Lesmeister started The Happiness Project.

Sona has learned how to help others find a better way to live their lives. She teaches people from all walks of life and guides them on the path to regain control of their emotions and rid themselves of worry and stress. From stay-at-home moms to business executives to groups, she is passionate about providing unique, relatable and custom designed sessions to help people break free from what is holding them back from achieving real happiness

She is certified and educated in her field, and she’s a member of the American Institute of Stress. Most importantly, she has helped many clients discover the confidence they needed to manage stress, take better care of themselves and truly enjoy their lives every single day.

The benefits of her teachings are immeasurable. Freeing yourself from stress will not only impact you but everyone around you. Parents develop healthy coping skills that their children learn from. Partners become more joyous with their spouses. Employers find better productivity at work, and clients experience better results. All of those changes and more start with relieving stress.

If you’re looking to gain confidence, free yourself from all levels of stress, and live the life you have always wanted to live, you’ll find it with Sona and The Happiness Project.

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